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Video Production Reviews From Facebook

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Call 1800 264 429 (9am - 5pm weekdays) or message Paddy on Facebook for an obligation free chat now!

Single video message

I will help you come up with an idea and create a great video message for social media. 




  • 1hr shoot & edit
  • Licensed music 
  • Visual effects / graphics 
  • Ready to published to Facebook

A Full Day Of Shooting  & Editing Can Produce A Month's Worth of Content To Engage Your Customers




  • 8Hr shoot and edit
  • Licensed music
  • Visual effects / graphics
  • Ready to Publish to Facebook
  • Embed link for your website

Check Out These Example Videos 

Ford Customer Testimonials - Mustang

Capturing great testimonials is about being at the right place, at the right time, with your camera in hand. And that camera in hand is often your smartphone which is How this video came to pass. Shot and edited and uploaded on a Samsung Galaxy note 10. Get a video like this from just $199+GST

Cake Box Boutique - Free Cupcakes!

2000 local views in the first week. Cake box boutique in Port Macquarie is located in a quiet little arcade so they have started using social media to get in front of new customers. Get a video like this from just $199+GST

JBL Glass - Doggie Door Cut-out

This video for JBL Port Macquarie is both testimonial and promotional video to advertise the benefits of their in-house WaterJet Cutter. This specialised machine allows the cutting of glass to millimetre perfect sizes and even cuts shapes from glass or holes (for fixings) in precise locations. Get a video like this from just $199+GST

Avida Esperance @ The Show

2700 views on Facebook - One of six videos filmed and edited at the Victorian Caravan, Camping and Touring Show in just one day Get a video like this from just $199+GST

Blackman Bicycles Instagram Ad

1100+ Views on Facebook & 485 Engagements - An eye catching instagram ad using supplied images and some inhouse cycling footage we had to hand. Investment: Get a video like this from just $199+GST

Clay Koala Port Macquarie

420+ organic Views on Facebook - A Video Post Card from Clay Koala to introduce potential customers to the business. Get a video like this from just $199+GST

Marine Rescue Video Newsletter

 Over 4000 organic views on Facebook and counting. Marine Rescue is communicating with the community using a new simple video newsletter format. Get a video like this from just $199+GST

Thai Tastic Facebook Ad

Over 3000 organic views on Facebook in three days! Voice over, scripting and some great looking footage to help people rediscover Thai Tastic in Port Macquarie. Get a video like this from just $199+GST

Miedecke Ford Escape

The Ford Escape is on sale. This video format starts with a talking head Intro followed by scripted voice over and then a personable call to action. Get a video like this from just $199+GST

Clancy Corp - Smart Security Lights

Talon Buxton showcases just how easy and smart their new WIFI security lights are. This video incorporate footage from the manufacture with local footage. Investment: 1hr Shoot + 1/2 day edit 

Pete Evans - Hyundai Sante Fe

Celebrity Chef Pete Evans is the brand ambassador for Top Ryde Hyundai and this video serves as both a testimonial for the dealership and an introduction to the Hyundai Sante Fe. Investment: 1 Day production including script, filming and edit. 

Immigate Client Testimonials

Customer testimonials are a powerful tool for generating enquiry. This video showcases six happy customers Immigate has assisted into Australia. Investment:  2 days total (1 day shoot - 5 locations + 1x day edit)

Majestic Motorhomes - Slide on camper

Majestic Motorhomes wanted to capture this amazing build before departing with new owners out into the desert. Filmed by the talented Chris Sheedy and edited by Paddy McCann. Investment: 1 Day Shoot, 1/2 day edit.

Roberts RV World - Avida Leura

Kim Wangman is using video to ensure customers further afield get detailed information sale stock.  Scripted voice-over is recorded on-site accompanying the video overlay. Investment: 1/2 day (1hr shoot + 3hr edit)

Costa & Graham Community Garden Plug

Shooting and editing this community message on a Smartphone allowed almost instant upload and promotion of the Sustainability Network Event. Investment - Around 1hr from shooting to the video being uploaded. 

Brookvale Mitsubishi Outlander

Alex Williamson demonstrates the 7 seat capacity of the Mitsubishi Outlander to help buyers understand if the Outlander could be a good fit for them.  Investment: one of two videos shot and edited in 1/2 day. 

Experiment With Comedy

Written, filmed and directed by Paddy, this video achieved 6500 organic views in the first 17 hours which demonstrates the power of comedy to get views. Investment: 1/2 Day Shoot, 1/2 day edit.

Rockdale Kia - Beats Your Best Price

Rockdale Kia want your business and this video sets out to make that statement loud and clear. One of two videos shot and edited in 1 day. 

SCAS - eLearning + EdTech

eLearning and Ed Tech Saint Columba Anglican School Interview-based storytelling with Matt Richards from SCAS This video showcases innovation in education at the school. Investment: 1/2 Day (1hr shoot, 3hr edit). 

Hoyne Recruitment Video

Hoyne in Sydney and Melbourne believe good people are the key to success. This recruitment video was produced to help attract the right candidates for opportunities within the organisation. Investment two days shooting, 2 days review and edit.

Caramat - Parts & Accesories

Doug and Lanie from Caramart are using video as a way to introduce more people to their parts and accessories showcase. Investment: One of two videos we produced in half a day. 

More Experiments in Comedy

A little skit written and directed by Paddy McCann  just for fun featuring the talented Patsy Maybirโ€Ž and Simone Neviani. Location provided by the very generous June Holmes and sound boomed by 'Quiet Fingers' David Shire. Investment 1hr shoot, 3hrs edit 

Clancy Corporation Cook-Top Upgrade

Talon from Clancy Corporation demonstrates a quick cook-top upgrade and installation. Shot and edited on a smartphone, this is exactly the kind of videos you can shoot and edit yourself with a little training. Investment, 25min shoot, 1hr edit.

Alan Johnston- Beach Seafood Case Study

This video is both a business showcase for Beach St Seafoods and a testimonial for Alan Johnstone Commercial Refrigeration. The video was produced in several different lengths and versions with a bias for both businesses uses. Investment 1/2 day shoot, 1/2 day edit.

Brookvale Mitsubishi Merch Give-a-way

Adding a 'HOOK' to your video - or a 'what's in it for me' can dramatically increase engagement and get your videos in front of more potential customers. This video was one of three filmed in a single day.

Sell Your Home With Video

House sold in 12 weeks - when it is time to sell your house is all about putting your property in front of more people and building the desire to own that property. Paddy shot this video for his own property which sold through social media without an agent. Investment one-day excluding local area shots

Vertical Video Shot on Smartphone

This video showcases both the first tiny home by Hรคuslein Tiny House Co and also the power of a simple vertical video, shot and edited on a smartphone. Investment 2hr shoot, 4hr edit.


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