Video Production Services 

TV + Social Ads

  • We help you script your video
  • We film your video with professional cameras, sound and lighting
  • We edit your video ready and YOU start winning new business with free to air TV or social media ads

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Same Day Sizzle Reels For Events

Event sizzle reels let you engage your audience while your event is happening and make everyone who did not attend wish they were there! We have capacity to produce several videos each day and will work with you to create a format that gives you consistent engagement across your social media channels. Please be patient while videos load for playback

Ask about live streaming your next event

We now offer un-plugged live streaming filming services. We can broadcast from anywhere and require no external power and have our own internet uplink. From organisations, sporting clubs and schools who wish to broadcast high definition, multi-cam livestream events to allow more people to engage and view your next big event! Special rates apply for multiple streaming events (e.g sport streams). 

Or tell your story with a corporate video

  • Step 1. We help you to plan & script your video
  • Step 2. We film amazing footage with professional cameras, sound and lighting.
  • We edit your footage with motion graphics and music to take your message or TVC to the next level.

Simple Video Message

We will film and edit a simple announcement video for instant social media attention.




  • 1.5hr shoot & edit
  • Licensed music
  • Visual effects / graphics
  • Ready to publish video file

Call 1800 264 429

Call 1800 264 429

Full Day Shoot and Edit

A videographer will be with you for 1/2 day with 1/2 day dedicated to your edit to produce a professional and polished video




  • 8hr shoot and edit
  • Licensed music
  • Visual effects / graphics
  • Ready to publish video file
  • Embed link for your website

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Not sure what you need?

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Get Training to Create Social Media Videos

In just one day of training, we can help you transform your mobile phone into a video making machine to create videos like the examples below! Call 1800264 429 to discuss a team or one-on-one training session to help you master social media video. 

Facebook share video

Customer testimonial video

Service explainer video

Student workshop highlights

 Video ads for instagram

Live event video