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Take ownership of your website build from $335 fully supported DIY or fully done for you from $1289

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A New paradigm

Before Bookmark, we really did not have a web platform we could recommend to micro-budget clients like artists, bands, community groups and charities because of the cost and complexity in managing a modern website.
Bookmark completely changed our paradigm on web platforms and is now our low-cost AND high power platform of choice.
If you have a small to medium business or you are looking to promote your side hustle OR you have a passion project or group that needs a website, chances are Bookmark will fit your needs perfectly.

Why Bookmark

Website development is actually a term to describe several steps and processes in producing a completed website. Bookmark has done a remarkable job reducing the steps required so you can deploy your website more rapidly and get it 'live' and attracting customers that much sooner. Let's look at a few reasons why Bookmark is great.

Lower Development Cost

With custom websites build on a platform like WordPress, around 1/3 of your website development budget is usually spent on the deployment of your platform. Not having to deal with that means you save all that money on deployment.

Automated Deployment

Bookmark and other proprietary platforms like Wix, Shopify and Squarespace automate the deployment process by offering a selection of pre-built designs that you can then tailor and tweak to your specifications.

AI Powered Design

Bookmark takes this deployment process to the next level with artificial intelligence to program industry specific pages, page layouts and page copy based on user input during the setup process.

Easy Customization

Instead of a generic template you get a tailored design specific to your business type and ready for you to swap our placeholder text and images for your own content.

Our 100% Done for You Design & Content.

If you have a budget between $1289 and $5100 for your online presence, chat to us about a 100% done for you website.

  • Our focus will be on you and your messaging and getting paying customers through the door with compelling page copy, professional images and even video.
  • Chat to us for a tailored package and detailed scope of work and price for your needs
  • The more you do, the more you save, we can do as much or as little as you like.

Free advice and tailored package to your specific requirements, just call for a chat. Our pricing is based on our day rate so and we discount when you engage us for a project that spans multiple days.


Done for You Design & Content

Bookmark Website Packages

With Bookmark being so very easy to deploy, DIY is definitely an option for you. If you like the idea of DIY and would like to be fully supported in the process, we can assist there too!

DIY Solo

If you would like to build your own website for free, you can start right away.




  • Deploy the website framework with your branding and colours.
  • Produce content and digital assets.
  • Make the site live.

How we make your website Great

We make creative assets easy.

Payment options for ecommerce in Bookmark