October 6

Design Process Case Study | Puma Virtual Launch




Just got this from Jarrad for Cumberland but we will need to roll this out across all 3 Ford sites please. A banner with “The New Puma Will Be Here September 21st - Be One Of The 1st To Test Drive One”

This project was assigned to me for the Ford’s new car, Puma. Due to the pandemic, they hosted a virtual launch- complete with Facebook virtual test drives, livestream events, and an augmented reality Puma which clients can easily access on their phones.


The brief came with a PDF of Ford’s detailed information on Puma and a few marketing posters as well- so that reference itself was the inspiration for the design.

  1. 1
  2. 2
    Furistic Concept
  3. 3
    Color Theme

The initial plan I had was to combine a futuristic concept with the AR on the phone. It was to be a merge of both a bluprint, glowing, sci-fi design (representing virtual) on landscape (“reality”). I also recently rewatched Iron Man 2 and Tron on this week so it was definitely a big influence on the finished work.


© Josh hild on unsplash

© Josh hild on unsplash

© ironman 2, marvel/disney

© tron, disney


After confirming the dimensions of the banner with our programmers, I started with a new .PSD file.

I usually start with a background base color. This way, I can layer the elements while being mindful of the color-theme

Then, I headed on to Envato to pick a stock photo of a yard with enough ground for the Puma to sit on.

I was aiming to manipulate the car to look realistic on the grass. Thus, with the banner dimensions and the photo perspective I only
used a small portion of the stock image.

Before fixing the cut in the background, I made sure the car sat on the grass without looking out of place.

After setting the Puma in place, it was time to get back to the background. With a brush, I adjusted the settings to freehand the gradient.

From Envato, again, I took a mockup of a phone. It had a smart object I could add the images in. However, I found it difficult to estimate the size of the screen so I modified the layout by removing the inside with a masking tool instead. At this point, it still looked a little plain- but the realism portion is done!

Before moving on to the sci-fi theme, I had to make sure the background looked natural as it transitioned from the blue to the green. So I took another Puma photo, and some halftone dots to give both sides of the design balance

Once that was done, I started on the virtual portion of the concept. To make the AR bit I traced on to the outer half of the Puma and
then split it to make the outer half likes a hologram.

Once that was done, I started on the virtual portion of the concept. To make the AR bit I traced on to the outer half of the Puma and
then split it to make the outer half likes a hologram.

Now that most of the visual points of the design are done, I can now arrange the typography without worrying about how everything fits together. For this project, I opted to use Ford’s original, Ford Antenna Bold, to keep it inline with their brand.

After setting the text, I noticed the Puma and the green background was still a little too bright and contrasting to the other side so I added a low Fill blue layer on top.

Then, I adjusted the brightness and contrast of the left side to intensify the glow of the hologram.

Nearly done! I could stop here but to complete the sci-fi concept, I thought of adding techy overlays.

I found a really good .AI file on Envato then transfered it to Photoshop under the “Soft Light” blending mode. It really gave the design a cyber finish.

Now, just add the logo and we’re done!

This design was really fun and I’m happy with the way it turned out as I planned. It was rolled out to three different Ford sites so I had to change the logos and the dimensions for the other two (2000px x 500px.) Then, I saved each layer differently as the programmer, Jov, suggested to create really cool animations for each website’s homepage.


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