July 7

Website Homepage Video



One of six videos filmed and edited in just one day at the Victorian Caravan, Camping and Touring Show.

Featured on the client’s Website homepage for maximum wow factor.

Paddy films videos every month (pre-Covid19) for Robert’s RV World.

Get a video like this from just $199+GST

Roberts RV World have been a client of ours for over a decade.  We have worked with them to develop a bright, simple to navigate, responsive website and continue to keep this up to date regularly.  One of the ways we do this is through video content both on their home page and on their Facebook page which we also administer for them.  We add new posts almost daily as they simply take a photo of each new happy customer they have and we add that for them to Facebook.  They get to do the easy part for them – take the photos – and we do the easy part for us – add it to Facebook. We also create monthly banners for their site to keep their information current with latest motorhomes, shows or sales they may be running.

Prior to Covid-19 and the shut down of domestic travel Patrick would travel to Melbourne to see Kim and the team once a month and shoot up to 4 videos in a day. These were then edited within the week and used for promotion across multiple platforms including their website and Facebook.  The video showcased here was shot at the Melbourne Caravan and Camping Show just before the end of 2019.

It is a walkthrough of the Avida Esperance one of Roberts RV’s biggest sellers.  This video is testimony to both Patrick’s training over the years to have Kim feel so comfortable in front of the camera that she is leading this video and his editing skills to keep you watching this short video.  He manages to cover all the poignant parts of the van without making it feel like he is getting in Kim’s way and has all the pick up shots to show you exactly what she is talking about.

If you have a product you think would lend itself to video promotion please give us a call today so Paddy can make you a video like this  from just $199+GST.


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