About Us

It all started with a mission to make sure businesses have someone ready to help them succeed online.

Our mission is to help every business identify, develop and implement innovative marketing / communication strategies that attract more business. Founded in 2004 by Patrick McCann, Webhead has become a merry band of web frontier media creators and marketers.

At Webhead, we love helping people to explore the many possibilities for growing customers online. In addition to helping some of Australia's best known brands to attract more customers, we have several businesses of our own that we use as sand boxes to explore the new frontiers of marketing.

How we ensure great results


We make learning your business the FUN part.

This is falling in love with your business. What we love the most about what we do is understanding your business and its process as a whole. By clearly defining what value your products and services provides, the whole team is excited about your business.


We keep the goal in mind

Because what you can't afford in the current economy is to waste your valuable time and money building a website that doesn't grow your business.


We're in for the long term partnership

Defining your goals will not be enough with the landscape constantly changing, sometimes in a matter of minutes. We're there to guide you when you need it the most.

A partnership driven a​​​​​gency

Focused on helping you share your message, get a tonne of visitors and convert people on your website to paying customers. With 15+ Years of experience we put everything we've learned into the table to make sure your business is in tip top success online.