Bacon Flavoured Easter Eggs Astonishes Retailers

Aussie retailers bringing in the bacon on the back of Christian holidays may appear disrespectful but Easter Eggs in January is actually positive for the economy.

Starting a conversation is the first step to salvation and a sale.  Sweet chocolaty treats provide a valuable opportunity for religious leaders and retailers to start meaningful conversations, make new connections and renew existing relationships – particularly if it has been a while. In short, Easter is a great ice breaker.

Stimulating conversation around the products and services you provide is paramount to successful marketing in the digital age and Christianity is doing an excellent job. By ‘excellent job’, I mean how many other organisations do you know that pull off a fully branded four month global conversation year after year!

Of course the truly wonderful thing about Easter is how many neglected customer relationships get mended each year with a simple chocolate egg or ‘Happy Easter’ card. Chocolate gets eaten, smiles result, business happens.

Given that all of our jobs depend on activity between customers and our businesses, it is well worth considering starting a conversation with the people who matter most to you and your business or organisation. If you need a little inspiration as to what action you could take right now, read below!


3 Steps to Easter Marketing Success

  1. The first task is EASY – comment on this article below or SHARE with your network.
  2. Write your own helpful article about YOUR products or services  & post it on your website
  3. Send your article by email with a teaser + link to your BEST customers – invite them to comment

3 Bonus steps to REALLY leverage your article

  1. Invite your colleagues to use your article to start their own conversations
  2. Share a link to your article on Facebook and Linked-in
  3. Monitor the comments section and respond to all questions

A Short-Cut for Busy People

I am always personally available to help you write an article or make a video and then share it with the people who matter to your business this Easter. If you need a hand, call me now on 0410747993.

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