The Best Banner Ads Are On Your Own Website

The beauty of the first impression is that you get one. It’s a cliché I know, but an online retailer has a split second to earn a potential customers trust which is why your home page banner is so valuable. Let me give you an example…

Over the past couple of months I have been working with a small bicycle store in Sydney. They have an enormous amount of monthly traffic to their website but over time, the website has slipped in the level of presentation. After a quick tidy up of the core pages, we simply swapped out their nice but
‘home made’  banners on the home page for some eye catching replacements and BOY did thing pick up.

Don’t get me wrong, their current banners were informative and delivered a pitch, but the design was more like Robin when it should have been Batman.

We created two fresh banners –  one – a service banner to advertise a workshop special and two – banner promoting children’s bicycles.

After one month, I ran an analysis through Google Analytics to measure the results from the hero banner change. The parameters were a 30 day comparison from 2014 in contrast to 2013 in the same period. From this report we discovered the following:  a 4.99% increase in page views, 4.97% increase in pages per session, 14.76% increase in visit duration, 5.44% decrease in the bounce rate and finally a 5.01% increase in their sales. In other words by simply changing how customers perceived the bicycle store, customers were 5% more likely to buy a product, truly a super effort for a simple change.

After two weeks the workshop is now booked solid and we have had to relegate the banner to the second position as they can’t take any more bookings for weeks.


If you think your sales could use a lift, call  Harry and the Webhead Team a call on 1800 264 429 and let’s inject some fresh life into your hero banners too!