Selling With Social Media – Three Killer Tips

Ask any sales person and they will tell you that the EASIEST sales come from referrals and word of mouth advertising.  This is EXACTLY what social media sites such as Linked-in, Google+ and Facebook can offer with these three killer tips below.

1. Be Remarkable

Stop for a moment and think about the way you engage (post, share, comment) with social media produced by other people. Do you share ORDINARY posts or is it only when you see something EXTRAORDINARY that you engage?

Take the time to make your posts REMARKABLE and reap the rewards.

2. Make It Funny

People love to laugh and FUNNY posts are amongst the MOST shared.

3. Post Conversation Starters

While you might personally know the whole story, hold back a little and allow leave a little room for others to contribute their own wisdom on the subject. Posts that are expanded in conversation / comments below are amongst the most interesting reading on the web.


Just for fun, here is a little selection of REMARKABLE social media content to help get you inspired. WARNING – don’t attempt to review this content if you have work to do – this content WILL distract ūüôā

Dave Carrol / Sons of Maxwell

Originally a little known band outside their native Canada, Sons of Maxwell went mainstream in 2009 following the release of a song to YOUTUBE by Carrol parodying the staff of United Airlines who had mishandled and damaged one of Carrol’s prize guitars. ¬†The song is no slap dash throw together – it is a well thought out production that is well produced and shows a good deal of time and effort. The reward? Global fame for Carrol both for his band and a several off-shoots from the band for Carrol personally who now appears as a keynote speaker all around the world.


TNT Drama

I only saw this YOUTUBE clip the other day (via Facebook) and with over 50 Million views, it seems ¬†I am not the only person who thinks this is a very well executed campaign and this time by a BUSINESS – see guys, it is possible! Like Carrol’s video, it is humour based but it is also 100% congruent to the message that ‘TNT adds drama’ when they launched in Belgum in April 2012.


CNA Language School

Just before  you start posting that the above examples are beyond the reach of most businesses, take a look at this inspirational and REMARKABLE video from CNA Language School in Brazil who produced an inexpensive little video to promote their new speaking exchange where students from Brazil get to practice their English speaking to elderly retirement home residents keen for conversation. Not only has the company managed to produce something which has been shared over 1.2 million times in two months (I am writing this in August 2014 and the video was posted May 2014), their video is now driving a new conversation about the elderly people in our own communities. Bravo.



Coke has had it’s fair share of wins in advertising over the years and while I personally don’t drink soft drink, I do think this inventive social ad from 2012 is hard to beat in terms of congruence to their product philosophy. ¬†Live fun.


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