If You Want to Sell, Don’t Dress as a Salesman

Websites are a lot like sales people – they seek to figure out the problems facing a potential customer and then offer solutions to these problems based on the offerings of the business they represent. The challenge for retail is that potential customers are notoriously skittish when they are approached by a sales person so a great tip that will help you win more customers and sell more product via online referral is to not dress your website as a sales person.

Sales brochures styled websites are slow and expensive to produce and they often fall out of date almost on the day they go live. Conversation based websites by contrast are fast and easy to put up and quite inexpensive. Better still, this kind of website does not look overtly ‘sales orientated’ so it is much easier to engage potential customers in conversation and take that conversation off-line where it is possible to turn a conversation into a sale.

In the old days, websites were all about the design. In this day and age, design remains important however the primary focus should be on content and accessibility across the plethora of devices people now use to access the Internet. Investing in quality content that engages your customers in conversation is the key to gaining a steady flow of online referrals from your website.

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