How To Get More Clicks With Facebook Lead Ads

As more and more Australian advertisers are discovering the power of Facebook advertising, we need to get more creative and a little more clever about the way we approach Facebook ads if we want to reach our target audiences and have them be willing to engage with our content.

This week, I’m working with Facebook Lead ads and I share a simple approach which I guarantee will get you more engagement and more clicks than a simple image. It’s no great secret, just replace your still image with a video!

Images were great in 2016 but in 2017 and beyond, VIDEO is taking centre stage and that does not just mean your fav TV shows which are now on demand wherever (or whenever) you want. And all this demand for extra bandwidth has opened the gateway for EVERYONE to produce and share their own videos. Not just the big networks and agencies.

What I adore about Facebook Advertising is it allows you to carefully choose very specific audiences who will resonate with your content.  When you are able to reach people who need the product or services you offer, they will actually be GLAD to click on your sponsored message because when it’s done right, a sponsored message becomes more ‘infotainment’ then advertisement.  

In the example Facebook lead ad I create in this week’s video (above), I use a simple video walk-thru of a motorhome at Robert’s RV World but gosh is this compelling to people in the market for a 6 berth motorhome. Video is so very engaging when it’s done right because it’s so very easy to consume on mobile. Incase you didn’t get the memo, mobile is really where it’s at today. At least for email and social media.

According to The Next Web, over 90% of all traffic on Facebook happens on a mobile device and that report is over a year old! Facebook in Australia has really only waiting for the data squeeze to ease and now it has, Facebook and mobile devices offer an exciting playground for the DIY marketer, and professional alike.

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