Homeless Offer Insight to Online Marketing

In her article for the Times, Kat Ascharya talks about a man she meets in a café whom she discovers is both homeless and the owner of a Blackberry smartphone. Ascharya reports on the way this person is using his phone to remain connected to society and his story could point the way forward for charities and government seeking to help homeless people get back on their feet. The article is also a lesson for online marketers and businesses as it offers insights on how we can better engage with an audience increasingly focused on making a new connection.

Marketing Lessons From A Homeless Man

  • Make it simple – When you have customers on small portable screens, it’s importaint to keep your website layout and content simple. Think of each page of your website as a stand-a-lone microsite dedicated to a particular purpose and outcome. Always include a call to action.
  • Make it valuable – Invest in amazing images, remarkable video and incredible copy.  Competition for the attention of your audience is fierce, your content needs to have a high value or you are going to be overlooked.
  • Start a conversation – Inbound marketing is the process of attracting and engaging customers in conversation. Email is no longer the only way to chat with customers, you can allow comments on your website, host live chat, use smart forms and much more.

If you have an old fashioned brochure styled website where your dialogue is all outbound, chances are, you have had disappointing results with your online efforts.  When you start thinking about visitors to your website as a homeless audience, hungry for a connection, you will naturally start to find ways to include them in your conversation.

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