Grow Customers Faster Than A Kettle Can Boil

The average electric kettle can boil 6 cups of water in remarkably short order but even a kettle can’t boil water as fast as you can grow your business. I refer not to the micro moments it takes to update the social media pages for your business but to the micro moments it takes to brainstorm remarkable topics on which to use in your social profiles.

Sales is all about speaking to potential customers and social media is a most wonderful conduit for conversation. Name another medium that allows you (at no cost) to build an audience of ‘fans’ by sharing pictures, video, links and text all potentially supporting the idea that your company is the greatest.

Of course, your success with social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, Youtube and Google +1 depends on what you chose to share. We all know boorish people and typically, the reason they are boring is because every conversation is about them. They don’t care what the other person has to say.

Social media allows business to take an interest in their customer’s conversations in addition to posting their own. The trick with social is to forget about the ‘once a week’ or ‘once a month’ update mentality and update your profile ONLY when you have something remarkable to say. In the oft times, engage with your customers content or the other people in your network.

The old school of thought was that by updating regularly, you stay in your customers minds eye but the reality is that by updating regularly, you are more likely to post dull content and your customers (friends, family) will soon realise your posts can be safely ignored.

When you only post REMARKABLE content, your posts get remarked on and shared socially which makes them more visible and which in turn gets more remarks. Facebook is not a ‘sales’ tool yet properly employed, Facebook fan pages can be responsible for many, many sales. The secret is to be interesting enough that customers seek you out.

Social is not an exact science but if you take the time to create unique and remarkable media such as videos, images and articles on subjects your customers will find interesting, THEN update your social profiles to link to that article, you will soon see your metrics (and your sales) on the rise.

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