Dangle that carrot for more leads

As we all know, the online world heavily influences your bricks and mortar establishments. What people don’t always understand is that simply ‘just’ being online can in fact be detrimental to your overall marketing efforts.

A crucial lesson i learnt from selling cars was to always enforce two key elements: dangle the carrot and create the urgency. Once I combined this with the basic marketing practices, i found that my entire advertising message was relevant and engaging across all channels which ultimately created more leads.

Here’s an example: You want to run a weekly special or advertise a unique deal and you are looking to target your three media channels, Social Media, Website and in the business physically.

Step 1: Create a logical roadmap of the journey each customer will take, for instance they see an ad on social media and click through to the website which then results in a physical visit.

Step 2: Now think about the ad structure. Social Media ads need to be short and sharp, so dangle a nice carrot to attract the click (FREE and iPad seem to always work).

Step 3: Once they’re on the website you can take the time to re-enforce the offer, with notable artwork or wording to establish recognition, then create the urgency to attract the lead. Try the classic ‘Ends Sunday’ or ‘One Left’ (airlines always do this, as the number of seats you require is conveniently the exact number they have left)

Step 4: Once the customer has entered the business they should immediately be able to recognise the promotion in which they arrived from. Create some simple generic signage which can be reused in future promotions, then once again re-enforce each element, dangle the carrot, create the urgency then close the deal.

Happy Selling

By Harry Hillis at WEBHEAD