How To Easily Capture Great Customer Testimonials

If I had a dollar for every time a customer lamented how difficult it is to get good testimonials and case studies from their customers, I would be a richer man yet it has never been easier to get great customer feedback. The technology that has transformed the process of testimonial acquisition is the smartphone video recorder in your pocket.

Time is the most often quoted barrier which prevents businesses from collecting testimonials from customers. Time to take a photo, time to get them to write down their testimonial, time to upload this to your website and other media channels and time to thank them for giving it to you.

Enter the smartphone and what used to be an impossible task is now as easy as shooting ducks in a swimming pool – not that I condone that… The secret is don’t take a photo. Shoot video instead and here is three reasons why.

1. Getting a great picture from a single frame of your customer can be a challenge. If you shoot video, you can lift a frame from anywhere in the video at more than acceptable resolution for online.

2. When you take video, you can ask your customer to simply tell you how their experience with your company has been. Later, you can choose to transcribe the testimony as text, use a snippet from within the video or do both.

3. If you get your customer to state their full name at the beginning, you can more easily delegate the video for processing while you get to focus on the things that require your specific expertise.

Video testimony makes quick and easy to get great testimonials from your customers and with everything you need wrapped up in one neat little file, all you need to do now is to get out there and start shooting!