5 Minutes a Day to a Bigger Online Footprint

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As you know, I am a great advocate of video  so when I was asked to do a talk for the micro business Forum in Port Macquarie,  as an experiment, I decided to film the presentation.  I’m very glad I did because  now I can share my talk  with the people who could not make it in person. If that’s you and you are looking to  define and re-focus your online content strategy,  you will enjoy this talk.

One thing that did come from this presentation is the number of people interested in learning easy strategies and skills to enable them to create great little videos and testimonials to showcase their business.

As a result, in 2017 we are launching a new ‘Web Content Coaching’ service which is a tailored weekly program that makes it easy and affordable for business owners and marketers to gain the necessary strategy, skills and processes to create and share sticky content that attracts new customers to your business and starts conversations.

If you are a business looking to self-power your online marketing and content strategy in 2017, send myself and my team an email or free call 1800 264 429