5 Things you wish you knew about AutoGate

Having used AutoGate for many years now, I believe it is a necessary application for selling cars online, but when started poking around within the available tools, I discovered five little tweaks which made a massive difference in the number and quality of leads I received. Here is what I did….
Customised Email Responses
After a lead has been submitted, AutoGate instantaneously sends the customer an email on behalf the dealer. But what exactly is being sent? Well that’s up to you!
For example… Most dealers send a few lines of text with a message along the lines of: “Thank You for Your Enquiry. One of our friendly team members will call your shortly. Regards the Dealer Principal.’
Of coarse with very little effort, it is possible to create a unique response tailored to both the dealership and the customer, as I have done with City Ford Rockdale shown below.


Moving Stock Photos

Often it simply isn’t feasible to take unique photos of every new car in-stock. But having the same stock photos as everyone else doesn’t differentiate your car from the many others online, which ultimately will not encourage a customer to submit a lead.

By moving the position of the stock photos around via AutoGate so they appear differently to the remainder of the cars on Carsales, customers will notice the difference and may assume that the photos are unique, therefore clicking your ad.

Use the Term ‘Auto’ in Comments

When a customer visits carsales.com.au the first search box they discover is a very simple search feature. Simply select the make and model, how much you want to spend and most importantly, the keyword to limit your search parameters.

25705f4The majority of vehicles sold in Australia are automatics, yet carsales don’t allow you the
option to search this initially. Therefore customers have taken the liberty to search the word ‘auto’ 33% of the time, significantly more than any other word. If you are a dealer who sells cars with CVT’s or DSG’s take note of how carsales describes the vehicle in the specifications. Mitsubishi’s for example, make absolutely no reference to term auto or automatic, only CVT, therefore it will not be discovered by 33% of carsales traffic who are searching for an automatic.

Used Vehicle Brochures

Most car yards have that sales person who is an absolute genius, knowing the features and specifications of nearly every car built. But not everyone can be a walking wikipedia of Australian car sales. Luckily, AutoGate has a feature which allows the sales team to print the RedBook features and specifications, the dealer comments and photos for each used car in-stock .This was particularly useful for myself when I first started selling cars. To do this in AutoGate, simply select ‘Vehicles’ then ‘Brochures’ and select the cars you wish to print brochures for.

Adding Watermarks to Images to Produce More Genuine Leads

It sounds crazy, but I have known dealers to receive too many leads from CarSales. In fact they were generating so many leads from customers outside their PMA, they were spending an extraordinary amount of money with a poor return on investment. We identified the problem being that the photos of the vehicles were too nice. The manager would arrive at work during the ‘golden hour’ (7am) in order to get a perfect photo of each car.

The last thing I wanted to suggest was to stop taking nice pictures, so i investigated the ‘grey area’ of CarSales. We concluded that the best approach was to add a watermark over each image of the vehicle vaguely describing the location of the vehicle. For example a metro Melbourne dealer could say “5 mins from the MCG.” This doesn’t reveal your location, but tells someone from Mildura that its pretty far away. Ive quizzed this with my previous Carsales Performance Manager and he believed it was an appropriate action.

Enjoy these Tips if you have any questions

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