3 Simple Strategies to Increase eNewsletter Engagement

Bulk email is highly ineffective.  26% – 34% open rate is pretty typical for retail / service clients and only 2% – 3% click through which is a real problem for you and me and, well everyone!

If you send out 2000 emails and do a great job crafting your message, about 700 people will open your email. But statistically, only 60 people are going to actually engage with your message and a further 1300 will ignore you completely.

That said, there is a way to increase your open rate to 60% – 85% and it’s so simple you will wonder why we are not all practising these techniques every time we communicate with our customers.

1. Solve the customers problem 

Are you sending out an ad for something you want to sell or are you sending out a solution for their problems? I think you know the difference and which one gets ‘clicked’ more often.

2. Be personal

When you send out those glitzy templates, you may as well write ‘Ignore me’ in the subject line. Those templates were great in 2005 but in 2016, they have about as much cut through as a tax bill. Write the email as if you were writing to just one person and delete all the people who ignore you from your list. Your percentages just went up by 300%.

3. Be specific

If your writing rambles and you are showing a lack of respect to your recipients time. Hone your writing so it resonates. Make every word count. Solve the customer’s problem and stop writing.

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